Thursday, January 12, 2006

Kaash ....

I was sitting on my bed with the most beautiful object ever exixted, my copy of Atlas Shrugged.I was reading it for the "n"th time....Hey people, dont take me for insane, that book is magical. I was reading through certain sections of D'Anconia's history(D'Anconia is a character in that book)when i was suddenly thinking about "what went wrong in our system of education." Point well taken; said the person in me. I was drifting into one of my dreamworlds, where I was the hero with no competition whatsoever... In this particular dream the hero (moi !!! ) was a teacher.. not the ones that you'd see in real life, but the one belonging to the idealistic realms.

The hero was sitting in his "STUDY" desks thinking about reformation that he'd bring about in the schools.... well this is what he jotted dwon on his "work" sheets...

1. Abolish all weekend assignments, let the students have good weekends every week.
2. Assignments should be made non-compulsary;let the willing do it.
3. All classes should be held for no more than 30 minutes.
4. No classes shall house more than 20 students.
5. Ranking system should be abolished. Lets at least spare the kids of the competition at early ages.They will eventually have to face corporate competition anyways later.
6. Two hours of classes should be complemented by at least one hour of entertainment.
7. Lunch hours should be at least one hour and students should be encouraged to eat at a slow pace.Doctors have proved, it helps digestion and keeps us healthy.
8. Any kind of dressing should be permitted provided it doesnt attract too mudch attention.
9. Attendence should be abolished.
10. Detentions shall be permitted but the students can have an option of choosing the period of detention.

With these ten commandments written neatly in a piece of paper, our hero sat in a pensive mood wondering as to how he is going to implement these in his school. DING DONG went the calling bell... The hero fell dead and i woke up lazily to attend to a sales man selling dictionaries and stuff like that. I showed him out as fast as possible and then with great difficulty resurrected the teacher....

The teacher arose like the phoenix from the ashes,fully rejuvenated and continued his ephemeral thinking. He was now speaking to his set of students about relational physics. And this cannot go without discussing Mr. Einstein... That was when one of the students asked.. "Sir, what would happen if we run around a tree with the speed of light ?"

With that question our hero started vanishing without a trace... So do most of us when we face certain tight situations. All our convictions vapourize when we face challenges. It is but natural that this happens. I slowly woke up (wasnt i sleeping so long?) from my dream and faced reality... Good or bad ,I still like the way our education system runs... I love it, the way it is ...


Vivek said...

How dare u like our education system??? :X....watsoever, its the system tat keeps guyz like Bill Gates movin :D
But,how many Bill Gates has it given rise to?? :O

Mighty Titan said...

@ rebel

dei its ok the way it is da.. remember indian instis are respected abroad too ..