Tuesday, July 04, 2006

There's nothing official about it !!

It was in the evening that i decided to munch some snacks after sitting before the "Intelligent Box"(Copyright: Shankar - All rights reserved) for almost the entire day. Now for those who dont have a taste of corporate life let me tell what it likes to be in your cubicle. Well, the lessons begin with the word cubicle. The cubicle certainly lives upto its name, a structure that binds you for most of your time with the unseen tethers. It comprises of three major components,

1.The intelligent box
2.books,books and more books...(STRICTLY technical)
3.A telephone

Now that a cubicle is familiar to you, let me get along with what kind off stuff that we guys do with the intelligent box. The intelligent box is not so intelligent as we would like it to be. It throws up all kinds of wierd stuff when you least expect them. But hey, theres more to it than we can imagine, but i exclude it because it is out of scope of this blog. In short, it creates more trouble than it solves. Well, i am being a bit too cynical with my perception,coz ultimately the intelligent box does what we say. But to hell with it !!

As we move out of the cubicle, there is a cafetaria which is the centre of all our "pet pooja", the dispensers and the snacks counter are really inviting especially when we are new entrants. The cafetaria- therein lies the reacreative bundles. The cafetaria can be a real bother to just one sect of people, the ones who sit next to it. They have to exert maximum restraint on themselves to buckle the escape velocity. Ok, lets get on with it. As we move out, we reach the final destination. Now dont start speculating, it another cafetaria :D nevertheless its bigger and is high above all other things. Oh ! and i meant that literally !! It lies in the top floor and so has the top priority :). Now comes the purpose of my narrative. Where was I ?? Oh yes.. munchin snacks. To be very frank, munching snacks in the cafetaria is rewarding in itself. The best part is that we get to notice a lot of people and their vivid activites.

That portion again is beyond the scope of this blog(too many people u see!!). Today was an exceptional day since it was raining and it seldom rains the way that makes rain enjoyable. I was talking to my friends admist snacks that i noticed how pleasant the climate was. There were mild droplets of rain, just the right quantity that one sees in a spray painting. This was one moment where i enjoyed wearing glasses. The way these droplets arrange themselves on your spectacles is really awesome. I wonder at people who remove thier specs when it rains for this was one reare occassion when the spectacles live upto their name! It was kind of irresistable for me to abstian from going out under the open sky. Of course, i was wearing my specs too :P.. There was a mild breeze that was playing around slightly curving the path of the droplets to a pleasant acute.

Our canteen as i metnioned lies on the terrace which was characterized by many outgrowths that would form the strength for any futuristic spurs that might occur to the building. Despite the iron protrusions they seemed to attract many a people to sit on it, though uncomfortably. Strange as it seems, the very same people complain about a broken handle or a loosened strand of fibre of the cushion in thier cubicles. I sat on them thinking of many things that happened in the past few days. I could feel like i was living both the past and the present. I was extremely aware of what was happening around me, at the same time I was intensely in my past. As these thoughts were going on, another faction of myself was looking at these two factions, wondering how fast the mind races. Almost an entire week of the past went through in a flash of a time !

It might seem unbelievable for most of you, and you might tend to think these as a mere figment of my imagination. But there has been many a times when i had felt that i had already experienced what i was experiencing at that moment. Well, it could be my imagination at work..well, i sat watching the rain splutter against my face. The clouds above were pale dark in texture and moving at an amazingly fast pace. It made me reaslise the incapabilities of human senses. Our sense organs are extremely gullible and fragile without our ability to think and reason. Yes, the thinking potential, the raw rationale, is what that drives the human. The raw rationale is the one which made the human invent the wheel, it made him create spokes and hub instead of a solid disk. The rationale is what told him of his weakness and strengths !!

A song of high disruptive nature woke me from my stream of thoughts. Aw !! it was my own mobile ringing and for the first time in my life i hated Metallica. I lazily flopped open my panel only to see my appointment being made to the intelligent box. And i felt a tinge of sadness and awe when the time panel showed that the entire time i had spent was less than 5 minutes. I decided to blog this at the earliest opportunity.Of course there's nothing official about it.....