Monday, February 19, 2007

Kudos to love

"Sching in the rain .. I am schwaiiing in the rain...! " proclaimed my mobile rippling out a cacophony in the voice of our Kaipulle. I lazily picked it up only to be coaxed by my buddy Mr.GK to a movie. When you are a bachelor, a week end without movie is a unpardonable crime and the poor guy wanted to save me from that blasphemy. Being the valentine week-end (though the D day was more than ordinary for me !!), we decided to commit ourselves to a dedication towards cupid. As the custom is before you any movie, I strolled around the theater looking at the posters of the movie. The caption went as follows..

Six different couples
twelve different lives
One common problem


what the heck...??? Are you insane..? an entire movie full of problems..? Ouch !! where is this leading to... My serenity was disturbed by the rustle of the crowd, and a pair of hands pulled me into the tumult and before I could regroup, I was hoisted into my seat by my dear roomies. A man behind me played tabla on my shoulders and asked gleefully.. "Beta..., Kya yeh picture hindi mein hoti hai..? " Whoa !! No comments... "Telgu mein to nahi hain naa..?" No comments.... "kaise bhi ho koi problemmm nahi..." No comments ...."interval kab ayegaaa..?" No comments... "sunaa hai ki yeh pitchaar achchi hai... ha ha" .. No comments.. One hell of a company I had..

The movie began with the typical style of the Hindi movies of these days....A lovely couple living in their own lil' world of joy and splendor. Title time.... the titles sprang out of nowhere and ran its length wearily.. Bang ! appeared Govinda as a taxi driver.. when did he switch over as a comedian...? Bang ! appeared Anil Kapoor sitting alone in a room, staring vacantly at a digital table clock. Bang ! appeared Akshay driving a stylish car impersonating the rich cool guy. Bang ! appeared Salman as an impostor. Bang ! Appeared Juhi Chawla as a home-maker. Bang ! appeared Priyanka in a song sequence.. Bang ! Bang ! Bang !...... there you are, completely lost.., like a kid in a fair.

As the movie proceeds, the plot reveals and shows the faint outlines of the lives of these fine six pair of people. Priyanka, an actress who wants to move from the 'item' gal to be a 'Karan Johar' gal and Salman plays the prevaricated lover boy for her publicity stint. Anil Kapoor, a middle(old ??) aged professional who wants to have an exciting life which he seeks through a dancer he met in a train. Akshay, a 'kewl' dude who doesnt want to shoulder the responsibilities of marriage. Govinda, who looks for a valentine in a foreigner. And John Abraham, a man doted on his wife, a journalist who subsequently loses her memory in an accident. Whew..! I think that should surmise what the movie is all about. What....? Did the story fit in a paragraph..! No way !!!

People, believe me, I must be going cranky..... coz the movie lasted a solid 3:20 minutes on screen !! I felt thoroughly cheated twice, when I felt sure that the movie was about to end and the screen proudly presented the words 'INTERVAL' . Gosh ! Song sequences came blistering one after another in a never ending stream, sequence of dis-connected comical interludes and sentiment,
sentiment and more sentiment.....! Ouch !! I almost had a heart-stroke... It seemed very complicated to me that though two people had mutual love, they had a zillion problems between them. For some inexplicable reasons each had an intricate problem that was infinitely complex to solve. The caption that I read slowly began to make sense to me... The director didn't get that one least this once...

With these six stories going parallel, the movie marathon goes on and on... The credit should go to us all, for having the perseverance to stay on till the end. The screenplayer decides to end the movie bringing together all the pieces through some means or the other. By then, most of us are given up to deep to question any sort of logic in the movie. Oh ! and the man behind me was right... we dont need to either hindi or logic to get the movie right. Never I felt more weary after watching a movie.. Guys, sympathize with me... I am sharing the sorrows of six couples. ! Believe me people, we can never imagine love can cause so much a trouble.One thing is for sure... No more valentine's day for me.. ..!

Movie BottomLine : Pay for one movie, Get five free !!