Thursday, June 15, 2006

Shifting fundas !!

Man has three basic necessities in life which are indispensible, Food , clothing and shelter. And things can go real bad when u lack the third of these essentials, more so if you are a bachelor. My quest for the first, made me move out to a new city and the third was the culprit. When you move to a new city, there are many an intriguing factors that play havoc in your hedonistic activities. Language being one of the most tough ones to handle. I landed in the "city of jalebis" ! No not because of the delicacies, but because of the language script that the place uses. The AD boards that i saw on my entry in to city bore a complex look with lots of curves shaped in a intricate mix of slashes. They were an exact replica of jalebis torn into random pieces, with the sole purpose of obfuscation.

That was the first experience of hopelesness that twinged in my mind and which was to stay put for many days to come. Having had a taste of the native tongue and the script, I had given up hope on any attempts to learn it. But to my genuine surprise, Nationalistic flavor permeating through the cross section came to my rescue and Hindi was no less used than jalebis in the city. My benevolent providers had provided me with a wonderful accomodation for two weeks and I was determined to enjoy that under all circumstances.

"Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder", I realised how true the statement was during the first weeks of my relocation. The third essential need that i was talking of just back was the top priority thing in my mind, coz the first two were provided by my benefactors. And so we (Never do things alone ! My folks say !! :P ) went out in the search of a shelter. A big city must have big things to offer, so the people say. But that was just a prevarication of facts or a clever obfuscation. The delusion was soon cleared once we set out in search of flats.

We went into one of the apartments very close to my area of interest(I am a techie for heavens sake !! :D ) and fumbled for the watchman around the place. Oh ! and I finally found him sleeping in a corner. That's at least one situation which corresponds to movies. Well after a couple of minutes of altercation we managed to find out that all that the guy made out was that we were bachelors. From that point on he repeated the mantra "Emi ledu" invariably for all the questions that followed. I later found out that these people here had a well formed and unbreachable network intricately placed with brokers and watchmen at key points which ensured that they had a regular income out of newbies to the city. Having found the key to success, we found a flat which suited our purpose.

With all these fundas under my experience armoury, I went about to purchasing things needed to kick off a humanly life in my newly found flat. That my dear friends,I tell you, isn't an easy task. Well, being an engineer has its own advantages and disadvantages, I could organize a list of items that a common, responsible householder (thats me !!) might need. Now being an engineer, I managed to reconcile the list with another responsible householder and finally ended up with the list of belongings that we really need. I would have liked to put up that list in this blog, but it would seem too much of a wierdo, so I have decided against it. But as a gist, it was the most wierd kind of list that i ve ever seen. The ones who want the list can mail me and i shall be more than glad to share the wierdness !! Oh and to top up this effort we finally managed to end up in our flat forgetting to buy a lock to lock up our treasures. Blah ! blah blah !! well lemme stop the crap because that updates my current position.. and going by my nature and natural goofness i am bound to produce many such stints !! :D