Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The indian postal system

Dear cuzin

Hope this letter of mine finds you in the pink of your health.It has been after a long period of time that i have taken up the task of writing a letter.Due to the presence of e-mails,which are much more convenient than the traditional letter system,we tend to use them more extensively. The art of writing letters using pen and paper should be preserved and hence this letter.

In our last corresponodence,you had mentioned about the pathetic state of our postal system and that it was of little use to us. I wanted to clarify on those thoughts of yours and hence this letter. The outlook that you carry about our postal system is only superficial.The wrong impressions you had was not your fault, it is due to lack of knowledge about our postal system. We as sutdents can make extensive use of the postal system.The obvious one would be speed post and express postal service. They are the most reliable communication providing safety and speed for the documents sent through them. These services are invaluable to us as most important documents like mark sheets and passports are delivered through them.

One of the lesser known but useful services is the Post office Bank. Every post office has fully functional bank in which we can have small savings or SB accounts at competitive interest rates. You will be surprised to know that there are more RD schemes in postal bank than in private sector or public sector banks.It was a pleasant surprise for me when i found out that out postal department has such wondarful schemes even for students. I think its time we understood the true potential of our postal department.

Apart from such regular services that they provide, the Philatelic bureau of India is one of the major activity of our postal deapartment. They encourage students like us to pursue philately not just as another hobby but as a passion.They provide various concessions to students and conduct various seminars which provides us with valuable information regarding philately. The postal department organises yearly philatelic exhibition and also provides a valuable support for numismatics too.

The people who are employees of the postal department are helpful and respond wonderfully to all our requests.For instance when we shifted to our new house,all i asked was to divert the letters. But the department made sure that those letters which were sent during the transition, also reached me without any further delay.

Finally my dear cuzin, i wish that you have sufficient intelligence, not to believe the lengthy preamble that i made above. But i really wish that they become true in the coming days !!!!

truly yours



Vivek said...

Thot u vr endorsing the indian postal system..gud tat u added tat twist in the end...illana mavane ;)
nice blog dude..yeah its pathetic most of the time but hope they do realise it n change if they wanna survive in cyberworld...

Mighty Titan said...


Nice that u found it interesting.. but i wantd to make it more humourous da.. it was actually written for a frends bro, who is in his school and wanted a letter eulogising the postal dept.... so had to post it that way :)... but my conscience didnt allow me so twisted it at the end :)...

please do not mind the unusual lack of splendor !!!