Friday, December 16, 2005


To start with let me do justice to the title i had stole from a legendary book. This post is basically what i felt about that great literature and i do hope that i ll make a fair bit of impression upon the one who has the patience to read this blog. What impressed me the most was the feature that money is not evil. The entire novel revolves around the fact that being selfish and earning money by means of a profit that is well-deserved is good. Sacrifices which are considered as noble all around is stomped upon in this unique novel. "Live your own life and not for the sake of others", if you were to ask what was the most beautiful sentence that bowled me in this book.

But i shall say no more, as reading the book is a pleasure on its own and i'd never do the cardinal crime of spoiling one's reading pleasure...

Let us move the world... and live our lives to the fullest extent .

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